£2 million investment now open! Includes NEW adult spa, kids' training pool, toddlers' splash pool, gym extension, studio, family bar and adult bar

Castle Royle's luxurious indoor swimming pool provides the tranquility and relaxation required to unwind after a hard workout in the gym or round of golf. Located conveniently between Maidenhead and Reading, Berkshire, the swimming pool complements a state-of-the-art gym and golf course.

Swimming is one the best known exercises to work the whole body, improving your fitness, toning, and burning calories with minimal risk of injury. Our pool's dedicated swimming lanes are in place for the serious swimmer to enjoy uninterupted lengths.

Alternatively, loungers line the crystal-clear waters to create a beautiful relaxation area, accompanied by a Relaxation Spa poolside with steam room, sauna and jacuzzi to rejuvenate.

The Berkshire-based swimming pool, located within driving distance from Maidenhead and Reading, has a full range of activities on offer including aqua, swimming lessons for all ages, adult swim times and children's splash sessions.

Use of the swimming pool and Relaxation Spa are included in both our Golf and Health & Fitness Memberships! If you live in the Maidenhead or Reading area, Berkshire, call our Membership Team today to join the club and start using our swimming pool and spa today! Contact our Gym Membership team on 01628 820 700.


"When I approached Tyler in June last year to teach me to swim I was a complete non-swimmer. Various people had tried to teach me over the past few years, but either they - or me- had given up! On my first lesson, Tyler asked at what stage I was at. I explained that I hadn't reached any stage, but I wasn't afraid of the water. Goggles and ear-plugs were purchased and I went underwater for the first time. This was the start of my love for water and swimming. Tyler concentrated on teaching me free-style and within 6 lessons I was swimming without the aid of a float - not very far, but at least I wasn't sinking!
I can now swim up to 25 lengths of the pool, catching my breath between each lap, and Tyler is patiently teaching me how to count my strokes and breathe properly, which may take some time. Tyler is such a brilliant teacher and without him I would still be looking at the pool wistfully from the bar as I have for the past 10 years I have been a member. It is so good to have swimming as an addition to my exercise regime of the gym and running - it's just a question of fitting it all in now!"
- Lin A, Castle Royle member