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As a field hockey player for the British national team, I have 5 hockey training sessions and 2 gym sessions per week, as well as training twice a week with my club and playing in the Premier League at the weekend - a very full schedule. Castle Royle is perfect for my recovery routine, which involves getting into the pool, as well as using the gym for bike recovery and my mobility and core circuits. The Pulse Bar and quiet area are great for relaxing and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member so far. I’m looking forward to trying a class in the near future.

Ian S

Having joined Castle Royle in 2015 at 265lbs aged just 16, I was scared of going a lot of the time. When the new year came around I decided enough was enough and it was on 4th January 2016 that I began a fitness regime that would transform my life. I have lost 100lbs in a year and I am so thankful to Castle Royle for helping me to do this. Sometimes I was the first member in when you opened, and sometimes I’m the last to leave, but it just goes to show that with consistency and dedication an ambition can go a long way!

Charlie D

Initially I only used limited equipment in the gym.  Over time, as I've gotten to know the gym staff and trainers better, I've been put through my paces on all of the equipment in there -  now I'm one of the first wanting to try out any new kit when it arrives! I have friends in the club I sometimes train with, and the gym staff are always keen to share their latest programmes and activities, which keeps things fresh. After a workout I usually treat myself to a sauna and jacuzzi if I have time. With a combination of exercise and changes to my diet, I’ve lost 10kg in the last year and around 18kg in total from when I first joined all those years ago.

Tony R

I joined the club in 2013 after having my daughter. The crèche is a great asset for those of us with a family. I enjoy the variety of classes: spin, studio classes and gym floor bootcamps too. The 30 minute high-intensity workouts on the gym floor work particularly well around my busy schedule. Since joining the club, I have improved my range of motion, weight management and energy levels and I have increased the variety of exercises that I take part in. Going forward, I would like continue to improve my overall fitness and achieve a new personal best for a half marathon.

Marie C

In March I made a big decision to leave the golf club where I had been a long-term member, in search of something better. It was a real leap of faith as I didn't know anyone at Castle Royle, but knew its excellent reputation and was really impressed by the standard of the facilities and course condition when I visited. The course is challenging but fair, and by taking advantage of the excellent coaching and practice facilities my game has improved radically since joining. Most importantly I have found the members to be really inclusive and welcoming and have met and played with dozens of diverse characters.  It's always easy to arrange a game. I’ve joined a number of teams and have been really proud to represent the club. The club is very well managed with excellent and dedicated staff and committee members. It’s been a very rewarding move.

Bill B

I joined Castle Royle in August and have found both the golf club and gym very welcoming. The ease of booking competitions, tee times and classes is great and very flexible.  The Pro Shop always have time to answer questions and explain anything that is not clear. The Ladies Section have been fantastic at integrating me into competitions, whether they are fun or monthly medals. With so many active ladies playing both weekdays and weekends it makes playing plenty of golf easy and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to playing in more friendly matches and competitions this year.

Ann P

I joined Castle Royle over five years ago. I had been visiting the club for several years for coaching with Head Professional Rob Watts, and I was always very impressed with the quality of practice facilities. I quickly took to the golf course which is always in fantastic condition and a great challenge to an aspiring young golfer - long with its fair share of bunkers and water hazards. The membership have been extremely supportive, particularly since I have become a full time golfer, and the Ladies section is fantastic. I feel very involved and I enjoy spending time in the clubhouse with Members - there is certainly never a dull moment! Most importantly Castle Royle continues to allow me to develop my skills as a player and ultimately help me to achieve my dream of becoming a professional.

Cara G



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