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Pro’s Tip – Aston Goulding

Kick start your golfing year with this top tip for chipping from an “iffy” lie.

Stand the club up taller at address, narrow the distance between your feet to that of a clubface width and keep the ball positioned in the centre of your stance.

Once set up, feel that throughout your action you keep the butt of the club pointing up to the sky, not allowing the heel to dig into the ground on impact. Make sure you turn your upper body throughout the through swing.

This set up and technique change, will help guarantee clean contact, even from a muddy or imperfect lie.

January Sale

For January the spike bar will be the pro shop as we hold our January sale where you will find some amazing savings.

New Year, New Grips

Kick start your 2020 golfing goals by re-gripping your clubs with us this January and receive up to 20% off on selected grips.

To find out more please ask the pro shop team.

January Green Fee Guest Offer

Bring a guest in January and receive 18 holes and Bacon Bap for
£35 Weekdays
£40 Weekend

Bacon bap for member hosting guest £3

Pain to Performance Personal Training

Golfers are always improving their swing, power and peak performance – whilst also reducing niggles, injuries, tightness and tension areas. They are enjoying their golf game more, getting around the course with more energy and ease and outdoing their golfing buddies with their improved stamina, skill and movement dexterity.

Cyclists are improving their stamina and speed reducing tightness and enabling their bodies to move more freely. They are working with a specialist trainer on the Pain to Performance programme.

Pain to Performance is coming to Castle Royle Golf and Country Club one day a week – Tuesdays – from January 2020. Your trainer, Ally Taylor, has an extraordinary talent for seeing how people’s bodies move, bail out, cheat and compensate for lack of movement skill or range of motion, creating power leaks, niggles and if left, chronic pain and injury. Using skill specific movement variables relevant to the individual, skill clusters and neural notching, magic is worked. With 18+ years’ experience and 10+ years’ training other instructors, you are in some of the safest and knowledgeable hands in the fitness business and we are very excited to welcome her to our club.

Sessions of 30 minutes can be booked from Tuesday January 7th between 10am and 3pm on a first come, first served basis. This is not a quick fix programme. Results take time and regular effort, so we ask for sessions to be booked in blocks of 5, so that we can reserve your slot on a weekly basis. We predict Ally getting very booked up quickly.

Come along to the gym on Tuesday 7th January to find out how Ally can help you to perform better.